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This is a online code generator, it can easily convert database table into code. By clicks and code will be created for you. 

Now, it supports MySQL/PHP and MSSQL/  Before you generate code, you need get the table structure first. 

For MySQL:
  1. Open SQLyog.
  2. Run  query "show   columns    from yourtable; "
  3. Go to Result and right click the result.
  4. Click "Copy All Rows To Clipboard...
The table must have one PRI Key.   Click here to download related files for php.

  1. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Right click the table.
  3. Select Script Table as->CREATE To->Clip board
The table must have one IDENTITY column. 

For code generating, you need find right template and click "generate code" and paste table structure. Click "Generate code" button .
it will generate several code files. 

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